23 February 2012 r.

Cabaret show - "Hotel Jurmala Spa" renewed the tradition

The hotel 'Jurmala' current 'Hotel Jurmala Spa ", located in the heart of Jurmala on the street Jomas. It was one of the most popular hotel in Jurmala, even throughout the Soviet Union. The restaurant 'Jurmala', 80-years showed a cabaret show, which gained popularity not only in Jurmala, but also far beyond. Place the cabaret people have already booked months ahead, only to see this famous show.

"Hotel Jurmala Spa" renewed the tradition and gives life to the restaurant 'Beach' cabaret show. Show will be an additional opportunity for rest inhabitans of Jūrmala and Jurmala guests. It perfectly complements the winter holidays in Jurmala. The first cabaret show in the restaurant 'Jurmala' will take place on February 25.

Program will show the "Spirit Show" - one of the most famous cabaret and dance groups, Latvian, which is already known to many cruise ships, festivals, has performed in theaters, hotels and restaurants, as well as Latvian and presentation events worldwide. Cabaret show participated in the popular "Dream Factory". February 25, will perform the opening cabaret magic voice owner Diane pie.

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